Hair ritual: scalp treatment

Hair ritual

Among the many services we offer there is one in particular that will transport your hair and body to a world of complete relaxation. Join our Kérastase Hair Specialist Yanick and get ready to indulge your senses and let yourself go. We offer specialized hair and scalp treatments in a closed off environment, whether your hair is dull, brittle or your scalp causing you problems, Kérastase offers treatments for every situation. Combined with the expertise of our technician and the tools at his disposal you are sure to live an experience that you soon won’t forget.

hair ritual scalp treatment

3 main advantages of scalp treatment

hair treatment products

Best quality products

Using nothing but the best quality treatments, these rituals have the capabilities to renew damaged hair fibers, close the scale of severely dehydrated hair, protect and give shine to coloured hair, or amplify the hairs density all depending on your specific needs. You benefit from the regenerative properties of the most prestigious range of hairdressing products during an effective treatment applied by an expert. You will feel the difference!

hair health treatment

Healthy hair and scalp

With Kérastases new innovative Clarisonic brush and Masquargile we are able to soothe and purify the scalp, leaving you with a fresh and deeply cleansed feel that highly benefits scalp health. Masquargile will clean your pores by removing excess oil, dirt and sweat to promote the growth of your hair. Your scalp will be in the best possible condition and your hair will feel revitalized.

relaxing scalp massage

Relaxing experience

Not only will these treatments be beneficial for your hair and scalp, but with the expertise of our hair care specialist you will be sure to have the most relaxing experience, we take pride in offering the most luxurious treatment ever. Capillary massages stimulates blood circulation and certain nerves located in the cranial parts which will have the effect of relaxing the tension on all the muscles of your body. It also raises the oxygen level in the cells of the scalp. Your state of mind and your hair will be filled with vitality.