335 Curé-Labelle, H7P 2P2, Laval (450) 625-4845



Founded in 1982, and named Maison de Beaute Robert Proulx after its owner, our establishment has always been located on Cure-Labelle boulevard, in Laval’s Fabreville district. From the very beginning of its existence, Maison de Beaute Robert Proulx experienced voracious and ever-growing success. Over its first 5 years of business, the consistently increasing need and demand for the services of our hair care experts eventually lead to a doubling in staff, as well as physical working space. Our clients recognized the superior quality of our work, and we adapted to suit the needs of our cherished clientele.

In 2001, after recognizing that our original location could no longer serve the incredibly high number of regular clients we had developed, we decided to take residence in our second location, which we’ve been in ever since. This new location provided us with a means to not only expand in physical working space, but also provided us with the spatial freedom to develop our superior and renowned techniques and technology.

All of our beauty and hair care procedures are carried out in their own separate and specialized areas, conceived to provide our clients with the best possible experience and results. Whether you’re getting your hair washed, cut, coloured, or styled, you can be sure you’re getting the absolute highest quality service, using the best products and equipment.

Let our expert hairdressers and technicians show you exactly what you’ve been missing all these years. For the ultimate beauty salon experience, make an appointment with us today!